Medical Devices UK – Our Story…

Established in 2010, Medical Devices UK quickly expanded from its beginnings in Scotland to cover the whole of the UK.

Our growth was rapid because clients liked the fact that we delivered the high service levels and integrity expected from a quality servicing company. And in a cost-cutting climate they also liked our competitive prices.

Medical Devices UK continues to go from strength to strength, delivering services to NHS trusts, private hospitals, vet and dental practices, oil and gas industry and universities across the UK, because we’ve maintained our focus on providing the best possible solutions and service. Excellence and cost-effectiveness are the reasons that our very first clients still use us today.

You can’t afford to settle for second best

Medical Devices UK has proven that an independent company can successfully take care of decontamination equipment in the post-warranty period.

How? Because our committed approach to servicing, testing, commissioning and upgrading of all types of washer disinfectors, sterilizers and decontamination equipment to HTM 2030 & HTM 2010 Standards has resulted in our acceptance onto the Scottish National Procurement Framework. We were also delighted, in March 2012, to be accepted for the Scottish National Procurements Framework NP174/11 Decontamination Maintenance & Re- Validation Services for (EDU) (CDU) & (LDU).

The Difference: An Independent Company

As a fully independent company, we can test, validate and maintain all makes and models of decontamination equipment and medical devices. And with our extensive experience of working with various machines and products, you can rest assured your machines will always be tested to INDUSTRY STANDARD, not just the manufacturer’s standard.

Standard of care is always our clients’ first concern, but the pressure to keep costs down is also important, both for NHS Trusts and private businesses. Our independent status enables Medical Devices UK to help create a healthy market within the health market. Only through competition can prices come down.
The answer is, unequivocally, YES.

There are a number of alarming statements on manufacturers’ websites advising clients not to use ‘third-party services’ to service and maintain their products. Medical Devices UK is fully compliant and has all the relevant experience and certification to deliver an outstanding testing, validation, maintenance and decontamination service. As such, we are the only independent company to have been appointed to the National Procurement Framework (Scotland) Np174/11 Decontamination and Revalidation Panel.

Medical Devices UK fully understands who owns the equipment; it is you, the customer, who decides who should service and test it.

In choosing Medical Devices UK, you will have access to our extensive network of independent partners, which enables us to provide all of the services that a manufacturer can offer.

Why Choose Medical Devices UK?

  • All maintenance and calibration testing is carried out on-site (no equipment is sent away) to ensure minimal disruption to daily practice. We even provide clients with an optional out-of-hours service to ensure their service has as little downtime as possible.
  • You’re guaranteed to have an engineer on-site within 24 hours.
  • Genuine spare parts are cheaper to purchase from us; we don’t add on the manufacturers mark-up.
  • All machines can be taken care of under one contract (one-stop-shop).
  • You’ll save at least 30% of the cost that manufacturers charge for their ongoing maintenance contracts.
  • You’ll minimise downtime to processes.
  • You can define report information and parameters (get the information you really need).
  • Reports are ALWAYS delivered on time.
  • Machines are tested to their capabilities (i.e. industry standard), not just to the level set by the manufacturer to obtain ‘a pass’.
  • We only use UKAS accredited labs for microbiology work.
  • You can access our technical support helpline 24/7.
  • You’ve got options – you can opt for a service contract OR book ad-hoc service visits.

To arrange a FREE site visit and quote,contact Medical Devices UK today.