Medical Device Testing and Calibration for Vet Practices

Independent testing, validation & repair of medical equipment

Every Vet Practice has a responsibility to ensure that the medical equipment they use is fully maintained and in working efficiently. Our team of qualified engineers can test and calibrate your medical equipment to your industry standards and save you downtime and costs.

MDUK can help you to continue your progression towards best practice by ensuring that your decontamination equipment and medical devices are always functioning properly. We effectively become part of your overall decontamination plan to meet your infection control policy.

Maximum uptime and efficiency, and minimum disruption

Our on-site testing, validation, calibration, repairs and servicing can test all of your medical equipment in one visit, with minimal disruption and cost to your practice. You don’t have to send equipment away to be tested and as we service multi-manufacturer equipment you don’t pay for different engineers to service different pieces of equipment.

Our Services

  • Genuine Spare and Consumable Parts
  • Testing
  • Validation
  • Calibration
  • Emergency Repairs (24/7)
  • Ad-hoc Maintenance
  • Service Contracts

Equipment maintained

  • Autoclaves
  • Sterilisers
  • Washer disinfectors
  • Ultrasonic cleaners

Why choose Medical Devices UK?

  1. All maintenance and calibration testing is carried out on-site (no equipment is sent away) to ensure minimal disruption to daily practice.
  2. All machines can be taken care of under one contract (one-stop-shop).
  3. You’ll save at least 30% of the cost that manufacturers charge for their ongoing maintenance contracts.
  4. You can access our technical support helpline 24/7.

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