Minimising downtime AND saving money

Independent testing, validation & repair of decontamination equipment.

The pressure on NHS Trusts to save time and money is phenomenal. But this saving often comes at the expense of something else, usually the ability to access cutting-edge technology or, indeed, the standard of care itself.

What if there was a way to meet waiting list targets AND cut costs without cutting corners?

There is. You can choose to work with Medical Devices UK – a leading, fully compliant independent test and validation service. And a company that ALWAYS delivers its promises.

We understand that 100% equipment capacity is vital and we work closely with Decontamination Leads, Infection Control Managers, Estate Managers, Senior Charge Nurses across the NHS to help them minimise downtime due to machine failure. It’s our job to help keep busy theatres and departments running like clockwork.

And, as for cost, we’re helping to create a healthy market place within the health market. Only by competition can prices come down.

Our services

We work with all makes and models of endoscope washer disinfectors, AERs, scope storage cabinets, instrument washers, sterilizers, autoclaves and ultrasonic baths, offering exceptional care and value for money in the post-warranty period.

Servicing and testing schedules range from weekly water sampling or automatic control testing through to quarterly service and test visits, annual re-validations and commissioning. We can provide a full suite of services from IQ, OQ & PQ.

Are your machines still running to their original commissioning data? We can ensure they are, and we’ll only use the most up-to-date testing equipment available.

Medical Devices UK excels in the area of infection control, particularly in endoscopy theatres, CSSD and IDU. We can provide expertise in all aspects of decontamination including thermometric testing, preventative maintenance and microbiology.

All decontamination equipment is tested and maintained to BS EN ISO 15883 standards as well as the relevant Department of Health protocols including HTM 2030, HTM2010, HTM 2031, HTM 0105 and the new CFPP 01-.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience of decontamination, and access to an extensive network of suppliers, customers and contractors, Medical Devices UK has the tools to rectify all types of problems with equipment validation or commissioning.

12 benefits your Trust can’t afford to miss out on

  • All maintenance and calibration testing is carried out onsite (no equipment is sent away) to ensure minimal disruption to daily practice. We even provide clients with an optional out-of-hours service to ensure their service has as little downtime as possible.
  • You’re guaranteed to have an engineer onsite within 24 hours.
  • Genuine spare parts are cheaper to purchase from us; we don’t add on the manufacturers mark-up.
  • All machines can be taken care of under one contract (one-stop-shop).
  • You’ll save at least 30% of the cost that manufacturers charge for their ongoing maintenance contracts.
  • You’ll minimise downtime to processes (& thus any negative impacts on waiting lists).
  • You can define report information and parameters (get the information you really need).
  • Reports are ALWAYS delivered on time.
  • Machines are tested to their capabilities (i.e. industry standard), not just to the level set by the manufacturer to obtain ‘a pass’.
  • We only use UKAS accredited labs for microbiology work.
  • You can access our technical support helpline 24/7.
  • You’ve got options – you can opt for a service contract OR book ad-hoc service visits online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Medical Devices UK can source and provide approximately 80% of the genuine spare parts and consumables for service and maintenance.

The other 20% are parts that are made by the manufacturer for the manufacturer. We can advise you in these instances and you can order the part directly from the manufacturer.

In most cases we’ll be on-site the same day. On the rare occasion this is not possible, you are still guaranteed to have an engineer on-site within 24 hours of your call.

All our engineers carry ‘boot stock’ parts, which result in a first-time fix 99% of the time.

As we’re independent, we’re able to provide parts and servicing at a lower cost than the manufacturers. Therefore, the typical savings year-on-year are about 30%.
Medical Devices UK is the only independent provider on the National Procurement Framework (Scotland) Np174/11 Decontamination, Maintenance and Re-validation Panel.
There are a number of alarming statements on suppliers’ websites advising clients not to use ‘third-party services’ to service and maintain their products. Medical Devices UK is fully compliant and has all the relevant experience and certification to deliver an outstanding testing, validation, maintenance and decontamination services. As such, we are the only independent company to have been appointed to the National Procurement Framework (Scotland) Np174/11 Decontamination and Revalidation Panel.

For a decontamination and testing service that NHS Trusts can rely on, contact Medical Devices UK today.