Product Description

Ibiza inset hospital sinktops are widely used in hospitals, public and private clinics, surgeries, nursing homes and accident units. Ibiza sinktops have polished bowls measuring 432mm x 356mm, 180mm deep (0.92mm thickness) and drainers (0.92mm thickness) and include sound deadening pads, integral earth tag to BS 4190 and fixing clips. Tapholes at 180mm or 200mm centres. Supplied with overflow as standard. Please note SD1050 models feature a 508mm x 356mm x 250mm deep bowl.

  • 0.9mm
  • 304 grade
  • polished finish

Product Variations

  • JI1853DD – 1828mm x 533mm, double drainer
  • DI1450SD – 1364mm x 500mm, double drainer
  • DI1050SR – 1028mm x 500mm, right hand drainer
  • DI1050SL – 1028mm x 500mm, left hand drainer
  • SD1050SR-10 – 1028mm x 500mm, R hand drainer
  • SD1050SL-10 – 1028mm x 500mm, L hand drainer
  • DI0950SR – 923mm x 500mm, right hand drainer
  • DI0950SL – 923mm x 500mm, left hand drainer
  • DI1450DL – 1364mm x 500mm, left hand drainer
  • DI1450DR – 1364mm x 500mm, right hand drainer


  • WK0187 – 1 ½” BSP waste and overflow
  • WK0075 – 1 ½” BSP waste – no overflow
  • WK0312 – 1 ½” BSP waste – with overflow for 250mm deep bowls

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