Product Description


  • Pleat Filter
  • Sleeves: Polyethylene/ Nylon
  • Housings: Polypropylene /Polyamide
  • 40ºc


  • Miniature Filter Sleeves
    • Washable for re-use
    • Intricate matrices of open-celled, multi-directional pores to create millions of tortuous paths within its structure
    • Highly effective filter sleeve with the characteristics of a depth filter
    • A support core is required to provide the sleeve the strength to withstand pressure differentials as the media removes debris
  • Miniature Filter Housings
    • Made from polypropylene reinforced fibre glass, the head contains an M6 centred fixing for easy installation
    • The bigger SFH-2 housing, 6” x 3½”, comes with either ¼” or ½” ports and two M6 head fixings
    • Both miniature housings are available with either an opaque (blue polypropylene) or translucent (trogamid polyamide) sump


  • Incoming water
  • Borehole water
  • Bulk particulate removal

Babylon Quartic Bowl  Datasheet

Product Variations

  • SPECTRUM_OD_filtersleeves
  • SPECTRUM_OD_filterhousings