Product Description


A ProBond ™ filter cartridge has a unique, proprietary two-stage filtration design to maximize particle removal and service life in viscous and/or high temperature fluid filtration applications.

  • Perfect for inks and adhesives filtration
  • Chemically resistant
  • High differential pressure for viscous liquids

The one-piece construction with an outer spiral pre-filter wrap increases cartridge strength for use with fluid viscosities up to 15,000 SUS (3200 cks) and eliminates residual debris associated with conventional, machined, resin-bonded cartridges.

ProBond’s™ construction allows cartridges to withstand pressure surges up to 10 bar across the cartridge (depending on fluid temperature). Applications are numerous in high-viscosity situations with silicone-free manufacture, ensuring no contamination is introduced to adversely affect adhesion properties of coatings.

Babylon Quartic Bowl  Datasheet