Product Description

The Z.Plex Absolute filter cartridge range is spun-bonded technology engineered to offer exceptional efficiency and dirt holding.

  • WRAS approved
  • NSF/ANSI 61 certified for material requirements
  • Engineered specifically for absolute filtration
  • Innovative patented 3 dimensional fibre matrix maintains structural integrity while gently increasing the filter’s particle holding capacity and reducing pressure drop
  • Low pressure drop
  • Melt-bonded exterior ensures no media migration
  • Meets food contact requirements of U.S. FDA 21CFR regulations
  • Meets test criteria for USP class VI-121⁰C plastics
  • Manufactured to be resistant to a wide range of chemical solutions

Achieving as much as 400% greater efficiency than other traditional absolute-rated depth cartridges, the 99.9% efficient, innovative filter matrix of the Z.Plex cartridge maintains structural integrity whole greatly increasing the filter’s particle holding capacity and reducing pressure drop. The technology uses finer fibres than conventional melt blown fibres and creates a unique filter structure using polypropylene fibres in a bidirectional arrangement. The transverse fibres and filter layer ‘lofting’ increase the available space to collect contaminants, which results in a filter with higher dirt holding.

Cartridges are individually packaged with clear product labelling and are available with a variety of different end-cap options.

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