Medical device testing, validation & repair

Your independent, multi-manufacturer service provider for decontamination equipment and medical devices

Medical Devices UK provides a high-quality testing, validation and maintenance service for your medical devices and decontamination equipment. As an independent company, we can deliver solutions for all makes and models to a wide range of industries, and we do it in a timely and cost-effective manner.

We carry out all testing, validation, calibration, repairs and servicing onsite, ensuring maximum uptime and efficiency while minimising disruption. And your reports will ALWAYS be delivered on time.

Choose independent Medical Devices UK and you’ll also find that your maintenance costs are at least 30% cheaper than the manufacturer’s ongoing contracts.

Services provided:

  • Testing
  • ‭Validation‬‬‬
  • ‭Calibration‬‬‬
  • ‭Commissioning‬‬‬
  • ‭Upgrades to equipment & software systems‬‬‬
  • ‭Training for users of equipment‬‬‬
  • Chemical changeover (cost reductions)‬‬‬
  • ‭24/7 breakdown cover‬‬
  • ‭‭Genuine spare parts & consumables ‭supplied‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬
  • ‭Microbiology testing
  • ‭System chlorinating ‬‬
  • ‬‬‬‭Steam quality testing‬‬‬
  • ‭Management of independent monitoring systems ‬
  • ‭Service contracts ‬
  • ‭Ad-Hoc options also available‬‬‬

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