Excellence in servicing AND value for money

Independent testing, validation & repair of university laboratory equipment & devices

Looking for a way to save money on university lab equipment maintenance without cutting corners? Then you need Medical Devices UK – a leading INDEPENDENT test and validation service.

We understand that 100% equipment capacity is vital to the productivity of your laboratory, and we work closely with Professors and Technicians all over the country to help minimise downtime due to machine failure. It’s our job to help keep your labs running like clockwork.

What we can do for your university

As an independent company, we’re able to help universities look after all makes and models of autoclaves, balances, centrifuges, microscopes, Pure Air Containment and refrigeration equipment under one hassle-free service contract. And we save you at least 30% of the cost of what manufacturers will charge for ongoing maintenance costs in the post-warranty period.

Equipment maintained

  • Autoclaves
  • Balances
  • Centrifuges
  • Microscopes
  • Pure Air Containment
  • Refrigeration equipment
  • Sterilisers
  • Washer disinfectors
  • Ultrasonic cleaners

Our services

  • Genuine Spare and Consumable Parts
  • Testing
  • Validation
  • Calibration
  • Emergency Repairs (24/7)
  • Ad-hoc Maintenance
  • Service Contracts

Top benefits for your university

  1. All maintenance and calibration testing is carried out on-site (no equipment is sent away) to ensure minimal disruption to daily practice.
  2. All machines can be taken care of under one contract (one-stop-shop).
  3. You’ll save at least 30% of the cost that manufacturers charge for their ongoing maintenance contracts.
  4. You’re guaranteed to have an engineer on-site within 24 hours.
  5. Genuine spare parts are cheaper to purchase from us; we don’t add on the manufacturer’s mark-up.
  6. You can define report information and parameters (get the information you really need).
  7. Reports are ALWAYS delivered on time.
  8. Machines are tested to their capabilities (i.e. industry standard), not just to the level set by the manufacturer to obtain ‘a pass’.
  9. We only use UKAS accredited labs for microbiology work.
  10. You can access our technical support helpline 24/7.
  11. You’ve got options – you can opt for a service contract OR book ad-hoc service visits online.

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